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Beth asked about the Autumn Rose chart: "I was wondering how you figured out what color to use and how many rows we knit with each color? The chart in the book is gray and white and only lists the two yarn colors to use."

Yes the chart is in black and white -- grey boxes for pattern shades and white boxes for the background shades. See the table on the right -- two columns where it tells you what shades to use on which row -- what to use for the grey squares and what to use for the white squares? Look at how the table lines are and you'll see how the shades are designate for the motifs. This isn't done for the whole chart -- when I copied the chart and enlarged it, I made a couple of copies, and cut out an additional shade legend table.....and pasted it to the part of the chart that didn't have the legend on it. This will all be quite confusing for those of you who haven't seen the chart -- but trust me, once you have a good look at it, you'll figure it out. If you have any other questions me direct thru She Ewe Knits.

OK, Autumn Rose update photo -- now that I've got a bit more done on the shoulder area, and switched to a smaller needle -- it's starting to look more like a sweater. With the long front neckline shaping steek though, it is a strange looking sweater for sure LOL!

You're probably wondering about the title of this post.....well, did I ever tell you that Daisy has a talent for soccer? With soccer in the news, and all the Beckham mania, I thought it was time to share.......

Daisy LOVES her soccer ball!

She's fast.

She's agile.

As she's good at "heading" the ball -- in her case it's more like "nosing" the ball.

It's not quite so easy trying to take photos of her while she's in a soccer frenzy!

Happy Knitting.


  1. Thanks. I know understand the chart. It's different then Alice Starmore's older books.


  2. Anne- So, has Real Madrid contacted you about signing her up?

    I noticed that Autumn Rose has been basking in the lounge chair- you do treat your projects well.

  3. Daisy looks like a little footie player with that ball!!! But more like a Steven Gerrard than Beckham :) (Ok.. Im liverpool bias..) lol. The sweaters looking great... I love the colors in that one.


  4. Daisy is a lady of many talents. I love her photos.

    I think the rolling is under control. Not far enough up from it to be certain but I think two rows of rib were enough to keep it in check.

  5. Autumn Rose is ooking gorgeous!

    Very cute puppy-dog. :)

  6. Love the action shots of Daisy!
    She's faster than the camera shutter!

    Autumn Rose looks lovely!
    I'm still wondering about that neckline and if the circle design will fall in the 'wrong' spots! ;)

    Your yarn basement is real eye candy! :)

  7. Now you have to sell the screen play "Bend it like Daisy". It'll be a hit! Get a little, sheltered Cocker Spaniel, a talented Westie, put 'em together on a soccer field. It'll be a hit!
    Autumn Rose is fantastic. What a beautiful work of art.


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