"Joined at the Hip"

Sounds so much better than "Joined at the Underarms"......doesn't it?

But that's where we're at......we've joined the sleeves to the body...stitches at the underarms on both the sleeve and body are live on spare bits of yarn waiting to be grafted together -- while the body and sleeves are now being knit together in the round while shaping the neckline and the shoulder seam.

Very interesting.......you can see that Caelee was immediately interested.

It's rare that Caelee bothers with my knitting, but she seems to like Autumn Rose and plunked right down and started eating the Old Gold. Great shade -- she does have good taste!
You'll never guess what arrived yesterday in the mail - update tomorrow!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Okay, Honest professional opinion here... on a knitter's scale from one to ten ... how challenging would you rate autumn rose. I'd consider myself an advanced knitter... not a beginner, not an expert. I LOVE the pattern and design... it is something I would definitely wear... I'm just looking at the sleeves and thinkin' huh?!

  2. Beautiful!!! I'm in Victoria and started on my Rose sleeve only to find that I'd left the Shetland black at home! None of the yarn stores here carry the Jaimeson 2 play shetland. Oh well only 48 hours and I'm back in business.

    Do you find the sleeve cuff a bit on the large side? What kind of cast on do you suggest?

  3. It's looking really beautiful Anne!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Gorgeous Anne! I can't wait to get my kit. That was my deleted comment. I had a "duh" moment - thought the pattern calls for full length sleeves but I was wrong. Never mind!

  6. What?! You can't just say that!

    The design is lovely, but I have to be honest and say that I'm not keen on the shape. Maybe when I see it close up at KWKF...?!!


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