HP5 Boffo in my book!

How do you like my Variety style title?

Was I the only HP fan that didn't realize that Warner Bros had moved the release date for HP5 up to Wednesday, July 11? What were they doing? Did they suddenly realize that they had scheduled the release date for Friday the 13? Are they being superstitious about it all? or did they decide to open the movie early, to get more "opening weekend" credit? Who knows.......

Watching the morning news yesterday, I saw that Rupert Grint was in Toronto for the HP5 opening - a special showing in Toronto? With all of the trouble with pirating of movies here in Canada, I was surprised at this. When I checked my local theatre listings, there it was, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, showings starting today (Wednesday). I didn't know what to do - my mind was all set to go to the noon showing on Friday - what I expected to be the first local showing, and I'd blown it....or rather Warner Bros. had changed the rules and I was behind the times.

Anyway, DH and I went to the 10:00 pm (the last showing on the release date) show of Harry Potter and it was FABULOUS! Yes, I am biased, but I loved the movie and intend to see it many times in the theatre - let's say 5 times?


  1. You're just going to give us the one word about it? Tease. Was it as fast moving as the last one (my biggest complaint)?

  2. Sorry Anne, I knew that there was a Wednesday release. I'll probably take the kids to see it at the drive-in on Sunday.

  3. Anne, you're hilarious! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Anne- I knew this would be the highlight of the summer.
    And I'm glad it didn't disappoint- but then, how could it?

  5. If I can get in this weekend I'll be greatful. Love those HP movies. I hope this isn't the last book either.

  6. Seeing the movie 5 times sounds great!
    I'm sure you already pre-ordered the dvd too!
    m :)


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