Disaster Strikes!

One of the unique features of the Autumn Rose pullover is the construction -- knit in the round with steeks in the traditional manner, but with body shaping unlike the traditional boxy fair isle.

To do this shaping, Eunny Jang the designer designates a side seam stitch, which is purled in the background shade throughout. I've placed a marker at the side seam to remind me, and of course the start of the round marker is the other reminder.

So I'm merrily knitting away on Friday night, and suddenly get this uncomfortable feeling -- when did I purl last? I check the beginning/end of the round, and yes there are the little purl stitches.

Flipping the knitting around, I look for the other side seam stitch - oh no, it isn't there! Ah, there it is, about twelve rows down - sticking out without a care -- oh no, I have to rip back? No I say -- just pick up the stitch and work it up purl wise.

Let me tell you, if I'd had to pick these stitches up knit wise, it would have been easy -- but somehow doing it purl wise just wasn't working. I couldn't do it from the back because of the floats. It seemed to take forever -- I had at least 3 goes at it before I was satisfied. So, in reality, I probably could have ripped out and re-knit.......

Anyway, it's done now - no use worrying about it -- and it looks ok to me.

I didn't get it fixed until very late Saturday night -- so there was a whole day of knitting wasted. Today has flown by, so tonight it's Miss Marple at Bertram's Hotel -- so that's 1.5 hours of knitting for sure!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Anne- It's a lonely life, being a knitting perfectionist. But at least you're back on track.

    I'm amazed at the colors- so beautiful.

  2. That is totally drool worthy! I'm sure your pick up of the purl stitch was perfect. Thanks for the head's up on that though. I will now sit vigil on my front step awaiting my Rose kit to land.

  3. Is it here yet? Let me know when it's in. Oh, my.

  4. Forgive me, I'm behind on my reading. Sorry to hear you had to spend a perfectly good knitting evening picking up stitches. Blech.

    I'm on Row 7 of my fair isle....stop laughing....


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