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This is a mixed bag post today.

I love pastries of just about any variety. I particularly like Petit Fours - good Petit Fours. So, when I saw thse at my local Longos, I couldn't resist. They looked wonderful -- and they were!

Confession: I ate both of them! DH saw them, but when he got home from work the next day they were gone! Fancy that! Oh well.....

I've started a new are the yarns that I got out ready to go -- for the Autumn Rose sweater that will be in the new Simply Shetland Book 4 that comes out this fall.......I've got a preview copy to knit a display garment for the K-W Knitters Fair show that I do each September. I will be giving you updates as I go along. Daisy gave her approval.

And lastly -- Daisy has a friend over to stay for a couple of weeks. His name is Murphy, and they are half siblings -- same father, different mothers.

Murphy arrived yesterday to stay with us as his family were going on vacation. He didn't seem to mind too much -- only howled a little bit (you have to hear a Westie howl) and slept well once he'd got himself a place on the bed (I tried to resist, but resistance was futile!)

Today though they have decided that they need to get dominance sorted out -- it's Daisy's house but she's a few months younger than Murphy -- so the wrestling match was on -- I don't know if they decided who won, but it was fun to watch -- like Westie sumo wrestlers (a lot of pushing and shoving each other with no signs of aggression).

This went on for about 10 minutes, then they declared a truce and lay down on the deck while I blogged.

Murphy will be here for a couple of weeks so you'll see photos of the two of them as they get to know each other better. This is an interesting experience for me to see if I'd really like to have two Westies some day.


  1. I love the Autumn Rose colours, Anne -- looking forward to seeing photos as the sweater progresses. I'm just not too sure about that plunging V-neck, though.

    Started Hillswick Lumber this week as my summer FI project. This time I'm checking my gauge frequently, so that it doesn't balloon out of control like Erin did. Wish me luck!

  2. Oooo, I'm so excited you'll be doing KW again!!

    Hee hee, puppy sumo-wrestling!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm. The petit fours look incredible! I would have eaten both, too. :->

  4. Anne- Good petit fours- I know what you mean. Guess DH wasn't quick enough.
    I know it's been your heart's desire to add another member to the canine family- maybe it's up to Daisy?

  5. I hope Caelee is okay with two dogs in the house.
    I had two dogs, but it didn't last long since it was a constant competition - 2 girls though.
    Can't wait to see Autumn Rose and if you'll make changes - like to the neckline... yes, hinting! m:)

  6. I've never had a petit four. It sounds like I'm missing out.

    I love the colours for Autumn Rose. Can't wait to see it.

  7. I'm sure you know this already...but - A&E have a special on Harry Potter this Sunday at 10pm.

    Just in case you didn't know...!

  8. Ah, Anne, your photos of mUrphy and Daisy brought a tear to my eye. We put down one of our Westie brothers a little over three years ago and I still miss him terribly. The sight of those two wrestling on the deck could have been taken at my home. Their such adoable creatures...and yes, I love to hear mine houl!
    Tora in Chagrin Falls, Ohio


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