Silk & Shetland Lambswool - oh my!

I had originally joined the "Trip to Columbus" to keep Carolyn company on the drive - as a part-time Main St. Yarns employee and yarn enthusiast in general I'd be good company (LOL) - I was delighted when I found out that Simply Shetland would be at TNNA. Simply Shetland yarns being my specialty, I was so excited, let me tell you.....

After a full day on Saturday, it was about 5:30 (with the exhibitor hall closing at 6:00) when we finally made our way to the Simply Shetland booth. It was located along with the Unicorn Books display at the opposite end of the hall to where we had be focussing that day.

I saw Eunny Jang's fair isle in the flesh so to speak -- it was displayed on a female body shape to set off it's form fitted shaping and raglan sleeve details. It was stunning -- and when I saw the pattern in the book -- it will be easily adjusted for those who don't want it to be so form fitting, or maybe want the neckline to not be so low........

The other sweaters from the upcoming Simply Shetland 4 book were displayed on rods behind the order desks -- with baskets of the yarns on hand for general display and petting.

What's new this year is the Simply Shetland yarns - Silk and Shetland Lambswool (51% silk, 49% lambswool) and the Lambswool and Cashmere (85% lambswool, 15% cashmere).

The Silk/Lambswool is a fingering weight -- comes in 50 gram balls, in 16 shades, and they've done two sweaters in particular in the new book that I think you'll love. Both Arans, one is done at a fine gauge using a single strand of the SilkLambswool yarn. The other design uses two strands held together. These yarns are so beautiful -- and no design in the book uses more than 15 balls -- so it makes it an affordable luxury. The silk combined with the lambswool is gorgeous -- they are heathered yarns, and I couldn't resist.

The Lambswool/Cashmere is a DK weight, comes in 50 grams balls, in 16 shades also. Since I'm not a DK weight person, I didn't pay much attention to this -- I'm now kicking myself in the you know what!!!! The Lambswool/Cashmere can be used in any design, of any of the books, that uses the DK weight yarn.

So, the great thing about these yarns is that you can use them in old designs, or the new designs that were done specifically for the new yarns.

Here's just a little teaser of the shades that the Silk and Lambswool shades look like.........

Daisy want's to know what all the excitement is about!

Can't I get any sleep around here?

Happy Knitting!


  1. Anne- The big question is, did you bring some back? Are you hoarding?

    Daisy is probably exhausted from all the excitement. Sounds like it was a great trip.

  2. I'm nearly hyperventilating over here. That yarn is gorgeous (I especially love the greenish blue - last one in the second row - at this distance anyway), I can't believe you didn't pay attention to the DK, I'm jealous you saw Eunny's sweater in real life and you have the cutest dog in the universe. Too much excitement in one post.

  3. Bonjour from South of France!
    The shades are SO beautiful!Soft and bright at the same time!

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