Alcea takes a bow......

Finally -- I've really been dragging my knitting needles on this one....but it's finally done, Alcea as a cardigan, size 42.

(No Ruth, you hadn't missed this....I was still struggling along trying to finish it.....sleeves are my downfall, they hold me up every time.)

I knit this sweater as 7 repeats of the 48 stitch motif, with a button band of 1", that gave me a 43" sweater - I really need 45 or 46" for a comfortable fit.

Usually I make a larger sweater, sufficient for my size with a bit of ease, and when I wash and block it, without much encouragement the sweater grows and with the added growth, it's becomes way too big.

My knitting is to gauge at 8 sts to the inch, and I've wondered about my growing sweater phenomenon....well, I've decided that it's because of my floats. My floats aren't loose, but they aren't snug either. I live in fear of my fair isles having the dreaded even right off of the needles, my fair isle knitting is flat, not a pucker to be seen.

Washing and blocking on the wooly board just makes the knitting better, and for a totally finished look, I steam press lightly on the reverse side -- that sets it perfectly.

The yarn pack I pulled together for my Alcea was as described for the 48" sweater in the Simply Shetland 3 book -- and it was sufficient for this smaller sweater with front bands.....EXCEPT for Grouse --

I actually had one leftover ball of Pine, Dusk and Thistledown......but Grouse -- the pattern calls for 2 balls, 50 grams -- for either the 36 or 48" pullover -- I actually broke into my fourth ball doing this cardigan -- and Grouse isn't used in the front button bands so it wasn't that........I'd say that you need 3 Grouse for the 36" and 4 for the 48" pullover.

The key to finishing a project is a little bit of knitting every day. That's what I'm going to do on my next project.....a sweater that I've looked forward to knitting since Eunny Jang previewed it on her blog......

It's called the Autumn Rose Pullover in the new Simply Shetland 4 book which will be coming out next fall.

Details to follow....

Happy Knitting


  1. Alcea is Beautiful -- hope to see you modeling her soon! Ah -- Eunny's Autumn Rose!

  2. Anne- Great job, it was meant to be a cardigan from the start.
    Glad you made it off sleeve island.

    I live in mortal fear of the dreaded puckering. No worse horror, is there?

  3. Very nice! The color combination is great.

  4. It's beautiful - as always - Anne!

  5. Great job. You know you are my hero, right?

    The crocheted, acrylic wonder is gone...sketching, as directed, will commence soon.

  6. Alcea is beautiful! It was meant as a cardigan... I'm actually thinking of turning my 36" into a vest.

  7. Beautiful! Congratulations!

  8. Your interpretation of the Alcea design is just wonderful!
    I am also looking forward to the Shetland #4 book, but I want to make the 'Duxbury Point Pullover'.
    I just love all the cabling. I hope that 'Fall 2007' comes quickly!

  9. Very, very nice Bravo! I admire you.


  10. Alcea is beautiful!
    Can't wait to see Autumn Rose!
    Hi to Daisy and Caelee!

    (pss! It's me - michele from WA)


  11. Alcea is gorgeous, of course, love the colours in this one!

  12. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

  13. It is beautiful. Simply great. Colors are just lovely.

    About the growing sweater syndrome. That was once my trouble. The gal that taught me Fair Isle & 2 handed knitting,showed me how to weave floats without puckers, (unless you want them). I haven't had a growing sweater since. I do have a slightly firmer fabric that I like.

    Thanks for leaving the door open. It had been too long a time since I visited.

    I like your new Home Page banner. Very nice.

  14. This is excellent work. great colours.


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