Sleeve Update....

I know I said I wouldn't be back until I finished the sleeve -- but I just wanted to report that it's going well, and thank you for all of the comments.

Ruth said that she wished she could knit fair isle and watch television.

OK, confession time.

Here's how I knit fair isle and watch TV -- what you do Ruth is watch a movie that you've watched so many times, you don't really have to watch it.....just listening to it let's your mind "see it" -- and all the while you're concentrating on your chart and getting on with your sweater.

Aha, Lorraine knows this quirk of mine, watching the same movie over and over -- and she bet that I'd be watching Harry Potter - NOT! Sorry Lorraine, I'd just watched them again this week, so I needed new inspiration.

(I'm sorry but I can't seem to put a link into my blog entry -- I wanted to link over to Lorraine's Sheriff of Knittingham blog where you'd see her lovely Kilkenny in Pipping Jamieson's Shetland Heather......but for some reason, blogger won't let me do it. But do go over and visit Lorraine at

Also, blogger is supposed to be WYSIWYG -- but when I try to put in a photo, I get the HTML - but it does show the photo when posted -- is anyone else having this problem?

OK, back to knitting while watching TV -- so I started with "Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl". I did 17 rows of the sleeve while watching this. Deciding that I'd go with Johnny Depp (why not?) -- I put in "Finding Neverland" -- I've watched this before, but obviously not enough because only two rows were done before I became enchanted with the story. Still sticking with Johnny, I went for "Chocolat" -- then hubby came home, we decided to eat, and no further knitting was done last night!

(When I'm really into power knitting, I don't even get up to change the DVD -- I once watched Star Trek Insurrection 3 times! -- I know I'm crazy!)


  1. I am SO jealous. Those movies sound grand. Johnny Depp, Patrick Stewart, Harry Potter......coooool.

  2. I still wouldn't be able to count pattern stitches and listen to dialogue at the same time! Even though I think I know every Star Trek TNG episode and movie off by heart...I need silence and solitude to do Fair Isle. Way to go, Anne! (Need any nice plain socks? I have a large sock stash. Obviously I watch too much TV.)

  3. Anne- Johnny Depp is the exception to the rule- I can't take my eyes off him!

    I drive everyone crazy asking what happened because I don't watch, I listen. It comes with practice.

    And don't tell me you're not looking at Patrick Stewart! LOL!

  4. HAAAA!!! I do the same thing! If I don't have the movie on I can't concentrate on my knitting because my mind is to busy thinking of other things that need to get done. I can understand the Johnny Depp re-runs. Do you have Benny and Joon? One time I "watched" Cider House Rules for 8 hours straight.


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