Mosaic Knittng -- do not be afraid!

For ages, Brenda has been telling me that "Mosaic knitting is my favourite color knitting", "Try It", "No, it's not like fair isle......."

I've got the Barbara Walker book -- I've look at it, read the instructions on how to do it -- seen it -- check out Brenda's Scimerian jacket -- this is Mosaic knitting at it's best (IMO)......but I've never tried it.

Until last the Oakvile Knitting and Crochet guild, we did a small sampler of Mosaic knitting and I have to say, By Jove, I think I've got it!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Before she was born, I made Claire a mosaic sweater. I thought it was fun and the resulting fabric had a squishiness I liked.

  2. Hi Anne:

    I have tried Mosaic knitting a couple of times. I 'got' it but I didn't find it as much fun as stranded knitting. I bought Walker's books on Mosaic but should have just stuck with her Book 4. I think that Fair Isle had more rhythm to it. Done right, mosaic is beautiful.

    Maybe I should try it again.

  3. I know I have an old Kirsten Cowan pattern somewhere that uses mosaic knitting... I should dig it up, I think the effect is beautiful. Are you going to make something?

  4. i have breanda's pattern, but haven't tackled iyet!


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