Good things lead to another......

There have been lots of inquiries and comments on the Ceramic yarn I swatched for Carolyn. Romi, asked "Ceramic, like the tiles on the space shuttle?" This got me thinking -- you know what, must be, that's why it withstands heat and makes you feel cool. This Ceramic yarn only has 5% ceramic in it (that's clay for us non-tech type people) -- and it's this 5% that makes us feel cool.

But this comment lead me to Rosemary's bog,
and to her lovely shawl and scarf pins at
Designs by Romi

Drop by Rosemary's blog and web site - and say Hi!


  1. You're a sweetie, Anne. :) We can have a Mutual Admiration Society! ;)

    Now I think I may look into knitting a space shuttle. *g*

  2. I discovered your blog several months ago and eagerly look forward to each new post. Your shetland knitting makes me drool.


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