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Renee (great knitter and blogger at "Froggie Meanie)" came with Carolyn, Samantha and me to the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitting Guild meeting on Tuesday. We met Brenda there -- she got to the meeting early and saved us some front-row seats. (Yes, I know it's Friday the 13th, but I choose to ignore it and tell you about Renee instead.)

Renee has two young daughters, she knits, she blogs, she takes a photo a day!

She took the evening off to come to the Kichener-Waterloo Guild meeting with us. On the drive there, we talked about the importance of taking time for yourself, to recharge your personal batteries.

Last week Renee posted a photo of one of the models at the Needlful Yarns fashion show at Carolyn's shop -- and I'm fondling the sweater as it goes by. So this week, I'm posting a photo of Renee at the KW Meeting -- she cast on and knit the rib of a sock during the meeting -- and before we left, she tried it on.

Happy Knitting (and Happy Friday 13th)


  1. Anne, you can take my picture anytime. Look how slender you made me look! Happy Friday the 13th....I'm staying indoors.

  2. Oh, Renee's socks are terrific. If my monitor isn't fuzzing things up, I think I see tiny skiers? Very nice.

    What fun you are having with your new knitting group. We need one here. It would be so much fun.

  3. Oh, juniann, I'm not that good. I'm wearing about 2 inches of cuff on top of my regular store-bought skiier socks.


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