Alcea Sleeve Calculations

Okay, on to the sleeves.

I have 8 stitches on a holder at the underarm point -- and I've picked up 71 sts up the front, 72 sts down the back for a total of 151 sts

That's 3 full 48 st repeats of the motif, + 7

So my first round will be sts 46-48, 1-48 (x3), and sts 1-4

My sleeve is going to be 2 full 48 row repeats, plus a half - 24 rows, so that's 120 rows.

I need to decrease from 151 sts to 78 sts for the cuff -- that works out to dec 2 sts at the beginning and end of every 3rd row 39 times - for a total of 117 rows, knit 3 more rows, and you have 79 sts. On the first row of the corrugated rib, you'll have to decrease 1 to get to 78 sts.

I'm going to start on row 26 of the pattern repeat. (This is the row at my underarm point -- this way the sleeve will match the body. Yes, I could start at row 2 -- but I want the large motif to be at the top of the sleeve.)

OK, so far so good -- I've picked up my stitches, the hubby is out for the afternoon, so all I have to do is get Daisy nice and tired, put a DVD in the machine and get knitting.

I'm going to knit thru this so you won't hear from me until this first sleeve is done.

Wish me luck!

Happy Knitting


  1. Anne, you of all people certainly don't need luck! I am envious of your ability to knit FI while watching TV; I only manage plain socks...Can't wait to see Alcea finished!

  2. Anne- Sounds like you've got the thinking part taken care of- just enjoy a quiet afternoon.

    Are you watching Harry Potter?

  3. Good luck!

    I've had a loooooong day (kids + chocolate = tired parents) so the math made my head hurt but I'm absolutely sure you'll pull it off.

  4. Surely hope you can get Daisy good and tired so lots of sleeve knitting can be accomplished! Will be anxious to see how the sleeve goes! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for luck for you!

  5. I can't wait to see your sleeve finished.

  6. How funny! I spend last weekend doing essentially the same exact calculations for my Alcea sleeves, and came up with nearly the same conclusions! Although, I was slightly insecure about the exact length I'd need, so I decreased every 3 rows for 2/3 of my decreases, then switched to every other so I could tweak the length a little if necessary. I ended up doing 2 1/2 repeats, then the 3" of ribbing at the cuff. Only another 10 rounds of cuff ribbing to go, and then on to sleev "2!

  7. One more thing...are you running out of yarn? I bought the stated yarn requirements for the larger size, and I've needed to buy another ball of Turf, Sunrise, Thistledown and Grouse.


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