"You've Got Mail"

When the post man rings, well, he doesn't ring around here.....we have a rural mail box and the post man drives by in his white jeep and delivers the mail around 9:00 am. Usually, Daisy is on watch in the living room window, on the back of the chair, and she barks when the post man goes by.

Then we go to the mail box to see if anything interesting has arrived. Yesterday, there was a "You've got mail" card in the box.....it was addressed to She Ewe Knits, so I figured right away that it was a box of yarn - yeah, I never get tired of boxes of yarn!
After lunch, Daisy and I headed into town, to the Post Office, and yup - it WAS a box of yarn!

Daisy always wants to help with these things.
Stonewash, Dusk, Mulberry, Fog -- some of my favourite shades and I order them often so as to not run out.
After the shipping list is checked, downstairs they go onto the shelves. Daisy helps with this also.......running up and down the stairs with me. (I use this as a home exercise program and take a few bags of yarn down each time.)
After the yarn is put away, Daisy is pooped! No, this photo isn't upside down, Daisy is.....well, she's lying with her feet towards the wall, so to me that's upside down......usually she likes the wall behind her -- it makes me think she's extra tired.
Ok Alcea knitters -- I got dear Hubby to take this photo for me -- Alcea hasn't been blocked -- just a light steaming to flatten it out a bit -- so when I block it I'll give myself a couple of extra inches over the bustline and that will stop the front from gaping like it's doing here.
When I measure -- I need 21" sleeves. So, that works out to 3 full repeats of the pattern motif (18") and 3" corrugated rib cuffs.
I'm trying to decide whether to do the sleeves traditionally (pick up stitches and knit down) or to do them individually cuff up, or to do them in tandem the way I did for Erin. I have to decide.....it's the little decisions like this that seem to put me in a stall mode.......I should just knit everything as the pattern is written right?
To do the sleeve calculations, I need to pick up stitches on the body -- and then I'll be on the way!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Alcea really is beautiful!

    I've been seeing alot of Daisy on TV lately, I hope she hasn't turned into a Diva?!

  2. This is beautiful. Not my business, but i'd have thought doing the sleeves in the round from the top down would be easiest...

  3. Daisy looks so sparkling white. I betcha that's a lot of hard work.

    Your sweater is amazing. One of these days I'm going to make a 'real' fair isle (the sneak peek Eunny showed on her blog a couple of weeks ago made me lusty).

  4. Nice to see a picture of you.
    The colours of Alcea go so perfectly well with your hair!
    I'll be watching your blog about the decision of knitting the sleeves from the top as I'd like to try that too. But I'm only in the 3rd repeat yet...
    Christine from Québec

  5. Anne- Daisy is so helpful.

    Personally, I favor the top-down method because it saves me from having to sew or knit the sleeves in, and you can determine the length easier.

    Okay, it's pure laziness on my part.

  6. So glad you posted a picture of ALCEA with YOU in it. The two of you together look lovely indeed! I just picked up mine this weekend after she was in time-out for a while. Thanks again for posting all the details as you knit her. I'm hoping that will be enough to give me the fortitude I need to continue.

  7. Alcea looks gorgeous on you. What a beautiful work.

  8. Dear Anne:

    Ah, that is really beautiful. I really like it. Your DH did a good job for you. You look great. I loved the picture of Erin too.
    Those colors are great for a red head. First Erin and now this. Wow, your gallery is eye candy for me!

    I have Beadwork pieces all done, soon I will be plunging into some color work. I should stick to Fair Isle.

  9. Alcea is looking lovely. I'm with the majority I see... I always pick up and knit down when I have an opportunity. I'm not fond of sewing seams if I don't have to.

    Daisy is adorable as usual. Caelee is going to want equal exposure, though!

  10. I think picking up stitches knitting in the round sounds good. Fair Isle is always more fun in the round.


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