Adversity brings solidarity...

Daisy to Caelee -- Oh my Caelee -- are you ever lucky that you don't have to go outside in this weather. It really does wreak havoc with a girl's hair!
Caelee (silently to herself) -- well if you weren't such a dog, you'd figure out how to use a litter box!

Caelee to Daisy -- yes I am so sorry for you when you have to go out in the cold at all times of the day and night! (TEE HEE).

Well knitters, after a 3 week knitting drought, I feel that a couple of days of confinement just might be what the Dr. ordered to get back on the knitting wagon!

Stay safe -- this storm that we're getting here in Southern Ontario has already worked it's way across the US -- Spring is just around the corner!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Anne- That picture of Daisy is a scream!
    I can see Caelee has alot of sympathy for dogs.

    A snow storm is a great knitting motivator.

  2. Aw, they're just so cute together! I love that last picture of them! I've been seeing Miss Daisy on TV lately...

    This is some storm alright! I just heard thunder.


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