Patience is a virtue.....

It's been ten days now since I received notification that "Blogger's spam-prevention robots have identified my blog as potential spam -- and as such they have locked my blog."

When you follow the link -- Blogger says that since you are reading this, it's obvious that your blog is not computer generated spam, so just put the letters shown at the bottom of this message in the box, click send, and we'll review and unlock your blog.


3 responses -- maybe I'm confusing the issue by replying more than once -- note to self, even though you are extremely frustrated, don't respond again!

Ten days and counting....Patience is a virtue which I'm running out of!

YEAH! The Blogger Gods have opened the gates! Real knit blogging commences tomorrow!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Yeah! I linked to your blog thru your list post and now I also checked my 'favorites' list and you're coming thru again!!! It's Working! (at least for me in SW PA)

  2. Hi Anne- I'm glad the blogger problem got sorted out.

    Are you going to show us Alcea.

  3. Can't wait for tomorrow for the unveiling!


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