Finally, a copy of....

Rae Compton's "The Complete Handbook of Traditional Knitting".

I've been trying to pick up a copy of this for a while.

I'm a follower of Elizabeth Zimmerman and Meg Swansen -- I love their style of knitting.

Meg Swansen, in her Fair Isle Vest video, gives an overview of the various books that cover Fair Isle knitting -- I had them all, except this one. So it became a personal challenge to get a copy. Now, thanks to a little book store in the UK, I have this one too! It covers all of the "traditional" knitting techniques, and has a chapter on Fair Isle knitting, and a couple of patterns.

Not a "must have" book -- if you're looking for a good book on Fair Isle, that's still in print, try "Sweaters from Camp", or Ann Feitelson's "Art of Fair Isle Knitting" -- still in print and readily available.


  1. Hi Anne- It's nice to find the rare and unusual- and complete your collection.
    I agree, it's not a "must have", but lots of inspiration. And I love looking at the pictures.

  2. I was just wondering if Sweaters from Camp would be a good investment after reading Meg Swanson's Knitting and watching Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop DVD, thanks for posting the recommendation, I shall follow your advice indeed!

  3. But it's always nice to complete your library. And the hunt!

    Cute mug.


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