I've Switched!

I've joined the Blogger Beta group -- and I've posted the photo of the "real me" on my profile -- thank you to Leigh I've added my photo to my profile! Thanks for the instructions Leigh, they were just what I needed! Sometimes the smallest things technically challenge me!

Check out Leigh's Fibre Journal.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Oh! Let us know how it goes...like will photos upload faster than the current snail's pace?

    The *real* you (giggle) - yeah, just about as real as the photo in my profile...

  2. Hi Anne! Thanks for the prompt service, I received everything yesterday. The colours are lovely, I'm looking forward to this one.

    And the needles and belt! I may "practice" with those when I work Lorraine's Windsor Waistcoat, a smaller project that a cardi.

    Wonderful service as always!

  3. Hi Anne- Hmmm, the cartoon needs to be taller, and that's a very daring shade of haircolor for you.
    Where's her knitting?


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