Alcea - Underarm point

I've been knitting along on Alcea -- this is a great design -- I love the colours and I'm making a smaller size than I normally do, so it seems to be clicking along really fast.

At 6" per repeat -- two complete repeats of the 48 row pattern chart, would get me to the underarm point. That's 3" for the rib, and 12" for the body to the underarm.
A full repeat, and then rows 1-26 will get me to the shoulder.

I'm going to do some underarm shaping along the way -- so I'm off to figure that out before proceeding any further!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Wonderful progress!

  2. It's beautiful! I love the colors and the pattern.

  3. It's BEAUTIFUL, Anne! I'm still swatching away on mine. I'm down to a 2.5mm needle which I'm not thrilled about at all.

  4. How gorgeous is that? Spent a couple minutes looking at the pic before moving into the reading of the post. Wonderful progress. Can't wait to see the finished photo!


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