Alcea Progress

Here's the rib portion of my Alcea cardigan -- I just love these shades. You can see where I've established the front steek for the cardigan opening.

I'd taken this photo, and had kept right on knitting -- starting the body pattern, when I noticed this!

Why hadn't I noticed this earlier? It's one ply of Grouse sticking out from a stitch. Not to worry, I just dropped the offending stitch, laddered it down, got out my handy 3 mm crochet hook, and knit it back up (following my chart all the way to make sure I got it right this time).

It tried to snow here today -- Daisy loved it!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Hi Anne- It never ceases to amaze me how different the colors look in "real life" as opposed to the book.
    We had some flurries yesterday, and it was so pretty. I won't be so happy about it in February though. Casey loves it too!

  2. No snow here by the lake! But soon, I'm sure.

    I love how Alcea is turning out. Looking forward to "learning" about how you're converting the original pattern.

  3. I love those colors. Glad you found that renegade stitch before it got too far.

    Snow will probably not happen down here in Dallas. I miss it sometimes.

  4. clairehill@hotmail.com3 November 2006 at 17:02

    My westie "Wendell" loved the snow yesterday. Up here in Bracebridge we had about 10cms so he had his whole head in the snow. All you could see were his ears sticking out from the snow! He even had a snowman to check out that the neighbouring kids had made.

    Oh yes and the knitting looks wonderful too!


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