Day 9 - So long Shetland!

Thursday, July 27 - our last day in Shetland.

Everyone was packing up their stuff -- and I mean packing! Peter Jamieson had offered to organize shipping of any "excess" that we had - you know, the basket you couldn't get into your suitcase, or the 10 kilos of yarn you bought! So after breakfast, everyone was grabbing a bag and filling it to be dropped off at the Jamieson's Shop for shipping home.

Terry and I, of course, got everything into our suitcases! I must admit though, it was a struggle for me.

The biggest (heaviest) problem I had, was a pair of book ends.....but I just had to have them.....

Who could resist? A Westie owner like me? The other "end" has a Westie lying down, poised to jump up at the first sign of movement! These book ends came in a box, with Styrofoam padding -- but to save room, they were wrapped in sweaters (what else) and made the trip to Canada (safely) that way.

Remember those fair isle pieces that we saw at the Jamieson's Mill? See the book in the photo above -- it's a blank book (maybe for photographs) and it's covered in a piece of fair isle knitting. Jamieson's aren't the only ones that must have heaps of these leftovers/seconds, whatever, and the Shetlanders are putting them to good use.

These pieces also go into the Burra Bears. After all, there can't be that many old sweaters in Shetland. Yes, people do send sweaters to Wendy Inkster to be made into their own personal Burra Bear.....but these little guys are everywhere...... and yet, I hadn't managed to find one for me!

After lunch, we headed into Lerwick for our last "free" afternoon. That should read "shopping" afternoon. Yes, I can say that the Lerwick shops liked to see us coming. We first stopped at the Ferry Terminal to drop off our luggage, and David offered to stay and keep and eye on it while we all carried on into town to do our last minute shopping!

Terry and I covered the main street one last time. Looking at Burra Bears everywhere we went -- in the Tourist office, in the Fudge Shop, in Ninians and Fibres, but no, not a bear in sight that caught my eye. (Of course I was thinking of my decor.....I wanted any bear that came home to Canada with me to be set off just right.)

At 3:00, we all met back at the Ferry Terminal, grabbed our luggage and boarded for the overnight trip to Aberdeen.

This is a photo of Terry and Dr. Lea in the ferry terminal. Thank you Dr. Lea -- you know what for!

So it was Goodbye to Shetland! Hope to come back again some day!

After our dinner in the Carvery, Terry and I decided to catch "The DaVinci Code" which was playing in the theatre. Off to the shop to buy our tickets -- and what did we see.........but a whole bunch o'burras!

Presenting Lawrence o'Southerhouse, born 27th April, 2006, originally from Shetland, now residing in Canada. Isn't he cute -- and he's perfect! This photo doesn't show how well he matches my green walls.

I finally have a Burra Bear to remind me of my trips to Shetland!

Friday, July 28 -- our day at Balmoral Castle before flying home -- more on this next time!


  1. Hi Anne- Good old Lawrence- a perfect match for your decor. He looks happy in his new home.

  2. Aw, that's so cute! And I love those book ends too.

    *sigh* now I feel a bit sad that you're leaving Shetland...

  3. Hi there,

    so glad to hear you finally found your very own Burra Bear, I was getting worried whilst reading, but then came the happy ending. I hope you will be very happy with your new woolly friend. Tell him I said Hi!


  4. Thank you so much for the virtual vacation to the Shetland Isles. All I need now is a real vacation there (I think I've got my husband almost convinced.)

    I'm so glad you found the perfect burra bear to take home.


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