Day 8 - Eshaness

Wednesday, July 26 - Only one more sleep on Shetland........this is our last full day here on the island. Breakfast and a couple of hours free time............before we head north to Eshaness.

This area is remote, is sparsely populated, and totally gorgeous!

The coastline is dramatic, mesmerizing, and amazingly, fence free!

Some of us were rather brave! (don't you think?)

It's a strange sensation for someone like me who doesn't like heights.....I could get so close, but not a step more!

There is a blow hole on the coast here -- when the tide rushes in, the water sprays up through the rocks. Here's Terry taking a peak, assisted by Robert, our bus driver, Shetland guide extraordinaire! I stood back and took photos!

Dore Holm lies off the coast here -- Terry took this photo of me with Dore Holm in the background.

Lunch was at the Eshaness Cafe -- where our guests were Wendy Inkster and her Burra Bears!

Lunch was soup and sandwiches -- I'm not sure what caused more of a frenzy -- the Burra Bears or the egg salad sandwiches -- both were in high demand!

Here's Terry and I with Wendy and a few of her delightful bears! Wendy is a moving force in the Shetland Arts and Crafts Group!

Neither Terry or I managed to "snag" a bear here.....we thought to ourselves.....maybe next trip! Wendy's personal "companion" bears waved goodbye!

On the way back to Brae, we stopped in at Mary Thompson's where she told us about her felting technique, showed us some examples, and let us loose in her home -- another shopping frenzy! By now, it was obvious who the Super Shoppers were -- don't get in their way!

Back at Busta, after our last supper so to speak, it was time for the White Elephant Party in the long room. Everyone had purchased a small gift to commemorate our time on Shetland, wrapped it, and the game began! Your trip name tags were put in a bag (why not a knitted hat I wondered!) -- and the first name was picked -- you know the rest, you could either pick a new gift or steal something that had already been opened -- a puffin egg cup turned out to be the prized possession and it traded owners many times. The big surprise of the night was the last gift to be chosen -- Lea got stuck, won it -- a Viking helmet complete with fur and horns! Boy, do I wish I had a photo of that!

Last night in the Whalsay room.


  1. Hi Anne- I would have LOVED the Viking Hat- what a missed opportunity.
    Wendy looks just as cute as her bears- I love the shot of her car. Terry deserves an award for bravery- no way would I get up there- and where did she get that amazing vest?- looks great on her.

  2. Anne....I'm with you on the fear of heights! Although your pictures are breathtaking, I would have been shaking in my boots. It sounds like an incredible trip. No bear? How could you resist? They are so adorable!

  3. Gorgeous pics! Makes me want to go Now. Again, thanks so much for posting all these pics, with the narrative.

  4. Oh, but it's so beautiful!

    At least the Viking helmut did not involve knitting that looks like a plucked chicken.


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