Knit in Public Day!

Sorry for the Shetland Escape interruption.....but today, Saturday, August 12, was "Knit in Public" day -- and my LYS wanted to do their bit......

Milton Ontario is one of the towns that holds a Saturday street market. A section of Main Street is closed to traffic for the morning, and vendors from near and far come to sell their wares. It originally was a venue for local farmers to sell their produce.....but as more and more land is used for housing, the "local" farmer goes far and wide to sell their produce. This morning I bought wild blueberries from Sudbury (about a 5 hour drive from here), and Ontario Peaches from Beamsville -- about 1.5 hours from Milton. So, it may not be so local, but it still is Ontario produce and it's great!

My LYS, Main St. Yarns, had a stand in the market today, to publicize the shop and to promote knitting. A few of us turned up to Knit in Public -- and interest non-knitters in our favourite hobby! That's Carolyn of Main St. Yarns in the black t-shirt, and Vall of Chivallry with her back to us -- you can just see Carol and Jill knitting at the back of the stand.

Here's a shot of the market at about 11:30 -- this is when it is winding down -- it closes at noon. At noon, St. Paul's church strikes the hour with beautiful music, bell music that is. Here's a photo of this gorgeous church.....what's that in the bottom right of the photo...... let's take a closer look -- wow, what a gorgeous old car

-- an Excalibur -- with a baby seat in the front passenger seat!

All in downtown Milton on a Saturday morning!

Happy Knitting -- back to Shetland Escape reporting tomorrow!


  1. Love small town Ontario... The market sounds like a wonderful time.


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