Day 7 - Part 1: Croft House Museum

It's Tuesday, July 25 -- time in Shetland is running short! We had a free morning to knit, walk, whatever you wanted. The majority were in the Long Room knitting, but as it was a beautiful morning, I was out taking photographs in the grounds of Busta House. I'll save them for a later date.

After our lunch, we were off to the Croft House Museum -- a glimpse into the past -- what life on Shetland was like years ago.

What a glorious view!

Even though it was a warm day, the Croft itself was cool -- a peat fire was burning in the main room.

A shawl was stretched out to dry.

The kishie is hanging near the door, handy for trips out to the peat pile.

Grinding stones are at the ready.

It certainly LOOKS idyllic -- but it obviously was a hard life!


  1. And, a hard language -- such strange words :-) Nice pics!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I think I would have been out there with you on that glorious day, also taking pictures. I tend to do that -- since one never knows if that sight will ever be able to be seen again in such glorious weather.

  3. they certainly didn't have time to sit around and watch TV did they?
    gorgeous photos

  4. I've really been enjoying the virtual visit. Hope to go there myself one day...


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