Day 6 - Islesburgh Exhibition and Knitting In Public!

Monday, July 24 -- after a morning of knitting in the Long Room at Busta House, and a fabulous buffet lunch, we boarded our bus and off we went to Lerwick for a free afternoon. The bus took us through Lerwick to the far end.....where you could see this beautiful view -- we stopped for photos......

Next Stop - Market Square -- drop off and pick up point at 6:30 sharp for the Isleburgh Exhibition at the King Harold Hall. Don't be late because the bus won't wait. (Tickets are first come first served.)

Terry and I decided to do a walk up to the Ferry Terminal....and we saw this sign........

was it just us, or does this strike you as odd? Further down the road, we found this -- yes, a Westie!

Terry and I were both missing our Westies -- so we had a good visit with Rory!

Confession Time -- you KNOW I'm a Jamieson's knitter....but I was on the hunt for the long double pointed needles, and I'd looked everywhere in "downtown" Lerwick, so on our "walk to the Ferry Terminal" we stopped in at the J&S shop. (Even on this trip, organized by Simply Shetland the US distributor for Jamieson's Spinning, knitters were confused about the difference between Jamieson's Spinning and J&S -- more about this later.)

It seems that the whole of Lerwick was sold out of the slippery steel needles, but I did manage to get some of the long Inox coated ones at various places. (More about knitting belts and long double-pointed needles later - promise!)

Everyone was back at Market Cross on time for the bus......and not wasting a minute -- seats had been commandeered from the cafe, and knitting needles were out as usual!

A fellow went by in his SUV, said he'd be back with his camera. He did come back, and took some photos of this exhibition of public knitting. I don't know if the photographs were any good, did they make it to the Shetland Times, or did this fellow just have a thing about women and their never know.

The Islesburgh Exhibition at the King Harold Hall is an exhibit of local knitting and other crafts, as well as a performance of Shetland music.

The fiddlers were fiddling so quickly, this was the best I could do (I didn't use a flash so as not to startle them).

It was a great night - highly recommended.

PS: Right in the middle of the performance, knitting in public again caused a commotion!

Turns out this was a French film crew, in Shetland, doing a story about Shetland life - saw Dr. Lea (and others) in the audience knitting -- they stopped the performance to ask if they could film a short interview with Lea -- why was she knitting, did she like to knit, where was she from? Amazing!


  1. Anne- Isn't it interesting that knitting in public causes such interest? If you knit on the subway or waiting for your car to be serviced, someone always strikes up a conversation.
    You'd think you'd see more of it in Shetland.

  2. Please do explain the difference between Jamieson's and J&S! I am always confused...:-)

  3. And it seems that not only will people never before met will strike up a conversation about knitting, but they will remember you and ask about your knitting should they ever see you again! A better 'icebreaker' than a dog or a baby sometimes!

  4. Anne,when do we see a picture of you in your Erin sweater?

  5. Hi Anne, Thanks for sharing your Shetland experiences. Knitting in Public - what a great way to meet new friends.

  6. your photos and your travelogue are so wonderful. Just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying them immensely. Can't wait to hear if you saw anyone actually knitting with the long pins and belts.

  7. Knitting in public, don't know why it would create such a stir! But then again, when something is different...

    Loving the travelogue too!


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