Wet Daisy and Wet Wool

What a great combo! Yesterday, it rained like crazy, and Daisy was in an out as usual. This photo was taken through the screen door -- she's patiently waiting for me to let her in. I think she likes getting towelled down when she comes in all wet.

Erin was blocking on the Wooly Board, and I just loved the combined smells of wet Daisy and wet wool.

Well knitters, it took 8 weeks to finish Erin. I think this is the shortest time frame in which I've completed a Fair Isle sweater. You have to remember that I'm not a tiny person -- at 5'10 and well, let's not go there.......I'm a larger than average woman, and wear 46-48" circumference sweaters......so these are major knits.

There were days when I didn't touch my knitting needles -- and to compensate there were knitting marathons when I knit from morning to night. (Don't forget my Star Trek Second Generation marathon to knit the sleeves!)

But it was all worth it.......

Now, to add to the wet wool smell, I was blocking another sweater. What other sweater? Well, while I was busy with Erin at my house, at a secret location Barbara was busily knitting away on another sweater....a sweater that I designed for my good friend Terry (and neighbour with all the Westies and Donkeys - visit if you like! www.scorybrek.com).

This design will become the first She Ewe Knits original Fair Isle design, available in September, and I hope to have at least one or two more colorways for it.

Why all this knitting you ask? Well, it's because Terry and I are going on vacation together. I just checked today's forecast -- and they are calling for a high of 16 degrees C (that's 61 degrees F). This is a place where sweaters are required wearing almost all year round.

We'll be staying here......The Busta House Hotel in Brae, Shetland. We'll be part of the "Shetland Escape" tour organized by Simply Shetland, the North American distributor of Jamieson's yarns.

While away, She Ewe Knits will be closed down (Hubby will inform anyone who e-mails), and Shades of Shetland will be on hiatus until we get back. When we get back, I'll do a day by day report on our trip -- right here at "Shades of Shetland". Come back and visit in August!

Take care and Happy Knitting!


  1. Anne! Erin's fabulous! I'm loving Erin, she's really something else... Oh, I think I'm going to end up in a fetal position sucking my thumb if I add another design to my list of future projects!!! It's a beautiful design.

    Have a fabulous trip! I'm really looking forward to hearing (and seeing) all about it!


  2. Erin is ab fab! And so is your She Ewe Knits design!

    I'm so jealous of your upcoming trip (wiping drool off of chin). Hope you have a great trip and bring back lots of good pictures, memories and wool.

  3. Your sweater is drop-dead gorgeous!! Wow! I'm thinking of doing Hanks sleeves like you did Erin's. Shetland. :sigh: Some day. Have a terrific time!!

  4. anne, your erin is gorgeous!

  5. Anne- I love your SEK sweater- it'll look amazing on Terry. Lucky girl!
    Well, chickies, have a wonderful time- and don't worry Jewel, we'll be there. You can bet on it.
    Have fun Anne!

  6. Fabulous sweaters! Hugs and chocolate to you! I know you'll have a fantastic time abroad and that we readers will be 'chomping at the bits' to read all about it!

  7. NO WAY!!!!! I can't believe it! I want to goooooo! It looks beautiful! I just keep watching my fair isle video from Alice Starmore dreaming of the day when I get to go to Busta House! Have a wonderful time..... :) (sigh...)

  8. Oh, wow! I am entirely jealous of your upcoming trip. I wish you a wonderful time! Erin looks spectacular.

  9. Erin is just splendid, Anne. I'm looking forward to reading all about your trip.

  10. I just found your blog via KR, and I am so impressed by those sweaters. They are both absolutely gorgeous! I just did my first colorwork last night on a baby hat for charity. Thanks for the inspiratin!


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