Hats off.....

....to all you Mothers out there.

Never having any children of my own, I have no first hand knowledge of the energy, dedication, and patience it takes to be a Mother.

Well, I'm getting just a little taste of it right now.....Babysitting Alfie for a friend.....

What!! You were expecting a baby? From me? You must be kidding. This is as close to babysitting as I get. It must be similar right? You feed them, burp them, clean up after them, cuddle them, and tuck them in bed. (While they are sleeping, you run around trying to get all of the stuff you should be doing done (like showering).

Actually, I decided to just forget everything else and focus on Alfie and Erin.

I really believe that these tiny little ones need a "buddy" to play with, so Daisy gave Alfie her "Tigger" (Daisy loves her Tigger. She stole, er, borrowed him from her obedience class!)

Watch out for major Erin updates coming soon -- I intend to have this sweater done by next Thursday. Next Thursday? Why next Thursday? Tune in then for a major blog announcement (well, it's major to me LOL).

Happy Knitting


  1. Anne- Alfie is so adorable- I hope you don't get too attached- otherwise, Alan is in for a surprise!

  2. Alfie - what a great name! That is ONE CUTE PUPPY!!! Is Daisy feeling a little jealous?!

    Hmmm...surprise huh?!

  3. Now this is the kind of babysitting I wouldn't mind! So cute and snuggly!

  4. Alfie is just oozing with puppy cuteness. I remember seeing photos of Daisy when she was in puppyhood. If I were puppysitting Alfie I don't know that I could let him go! (I wonder how many more times I could use "puppy" in this post??)


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