Erin.......finishing touches

I must say, that doing the Siamese Sleeves had both pros and cons.

It did seem to be easier (to me) to knit both sleeves together. No weaving in/out of shades, less shade changes (because you're doing them both at the same time).....but....

When you're finished, you have to do an underarm seam.
Pick up stitches around the armhole....
and finally, 3 needle bind off the sleeve into the armhole

Then I decided to put the buttons on -- and Daisy decided to help.

Tip: I put the buttons where I think they should go, but don't tie off the yarn used to attached the button. Try the sweater on -- make sure the fronts match up! Nothing is more annoying than one side being slightly off when buttoned.

I had to roll Daisy around to get to the buttonholes -- she just wouldn't give up her comfy spot on Erin.

I spent the afternoon finishing the front, armhole and underarm steeks. And Erin is finished and on the wooly board to dry. I'll have the "final" photo tomorrow.


  1. I am SO impressed. Period.

    And not with Daisy's cute pink belly either.

    Erin looks fabulous!

  2. Anne- Are you pleased? It came out beautifully- even if your Daisy Dukes obstructs the photo.

    Maybe she should have her own blog!

  3. Wow, it is quite stunning! Nice thing about Daisy, that splash of bright white sure shows off the vibrant colors in Erin :)

  4. It's gorgous, and absolutely stunning!


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