Woe is me......

Why does it happen?

Why, when everything is working great, no error messages, no "low memory" messages, just when you're really confident that you've got things tweaked to perfection.......

one of your basic, must have programs for some reason starts acting up?????

I have a Nikon Coolpix 995, and to get the photos from it, I have a cable from my USB port to the camera -- and all I'm supposed to have to do is turn the camera on view the photos, it connects to my computer, automatically launches NikonView, and with one click downloads the photos and that's that......

Last night, it wouldn't work - I kept getting a message that the card wasn't formatted, or some other such technical drivel that just meant to me that my NikonView wasn't working.

I'm on dial up right? So to download a new version of NikonView is no easy task for me -- but I set up the computer to download through the night, and when I got up this morning - it hadn't finished - it had crashed probably about 10 minutes after I left it to it's own devices last night. So this morning, I had to download it again.......

Uninstall the old version of NikonView

reinstall the new version of Nikon View (same version as I had, but hopefully a file that worked this time)

I plug in my camera, and and switch it on to download, and I get the same message! eeeuuughgghghghghghghg!!!!!!!!

I pick up my camera, look at the monitor, and it tells me that there are no images on file -- no images, no wonder it wouldn't download!!!!

Sometimes there is just no getting around the fact that you are an idiot! You just have to live with it, and try and do better next time.

That's why no new update photos of Erin today -- I spent most of the morning, not knitting, but trying to get things back to normal on my computer -- even though everything was really all right........what can I say.

Happy Knitting........


  1. Hi Anne- If it helps any, it's been one of those days for everyone. Stop berating yourself- you're very smart when it comes to techie stuff.
    Back to Delphine....

  2. I accidently formatted my camera memory not to long ago and lost all the pictures - I feel your pain and aggrevation.

  3. Hey, it happens! I work in Tech and still can't figure out my ultra-modern toaster over (I'm serious here).

    So, come see me! I'm up - http://wrappedaroundmyfinger.blogspot.com/!


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