Sunday, Sunday.....

I think the song actually said "Monday, Monday".....

Well, Sunday was great! First we had some fabulous weather, and with it, some great outdoor knitting!

I did have to come in eventually because the pesky black flies came visiting (and they bite).

Check out Lorraine's great outdoor knitting spots! I think I'll have to have some Orange Adirondack chairs to compete with Lorraine's purple ones. You can tell that I like orange (as well as yellow) can't you?

Then we had leftover Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings! I have to admit, these were pretty spectacular Yorkshire Puddings! As DH says, "How many balls of yarn would you need to knit a sweater for them?" This is an inside joke - someone might know what I'm talking about LOL!

Erin is progressing -- my row gauge is slightly off, so I'm recalculating my armholes and I think it's going to be just perfect for what I want to do. I'm falling slightly behind on my schedule for this sweater, but I'm going to have a knitting afternoon tomorrow, so I hope to catch up and have some major progress to report.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Hey Anne- that's a great picture of you- so representational- knitting a great Fair Isle! I'd love to see orange Muskoka chairs- that would really make a statement. BTW- those Yorkshire Puds look amazing!

  2. I can't pull off wearing orange, but orange suits you very well! Your knitting is spectacular - love those colors.

  3. Wow Anne, that is a GREAT picture of you! You know, Erin never grabbed me in the book, but the colors you're using really make it stand out, and I love it.


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