Erin - shoulder quandary

I've finished Erin up to the shoulders -- I'm very pleased.
But I'd failed to notice that the way I'd worked it out -- yes, I'd end at the half way point of the Celtic knotwork motif -- so that when I did my 3-needle bind off it would make a full 13 row motif......yes, except that this motif isn't a mirror image of itself, it has a distinct top and bottom half of the motif -- so my shoulder line is only half of the motif butted up against itself. (Of course I adjusted the pattern to suit me -- the pattern calls for the checkerboards to be at the shoulder line.

This has been annoying me all day -- and I've been looking at it, trying to decide whether it's worth ripping out, cutting the armhole steeks, ripping out the offending 7 rows on the back and reversing the pattern so that it would match up to the front 6 rows to give a perfect motif.

Thanks to a conversation with Lorraine, I've decided to just "let it go". After all, it looks pretty good -- doesn't it? I know it is different that the full motifs on the body.

Well, I guess I'm not as finicky as I thought.....because it was a task I tell you to line up this motif with the rest of the body to start with -- because of it's 14 stitch repeat (versus the 47 stitch Celtic Dog repeat) and the 4 stitch checkerboard repeat -- and with the neckline shaping, it was tricky at best -- and the idea of turning it upside down and matching it to the front just about did me in.
SOOOOOOOOOO, I've decided to leave it, and start the sleeve at the top with only 1/2 of the same Celtic knotwork braid motif. Problem solved.

Tomorrow I want to pick up for the button and neckline bands, and get them over with -- then on to the sleeves!


  1. Anne,

    Erin looks amazing! Although its hard not to fret, you have to rememeber no one really knows but you, We all have projects where we look at them and wonder.. if I had dont this....... but at the end of the day, it looks beautiful and no ones the wiser.

    Great job!

  2. Hey Anne- This has been a real bone of contention for us- but if you look at other designs- there is no hard and fast rule- some shoulders end at two peeries back to back- others are midline between patterns- the only one who will see is a skydiver or perhaps a parrot that sits on your shoulder- and unless it talks- don't worry. I think it looks great.

  3. Erin's gorgeous! Really, the 1/2 celtic knot should not be a problem. And, really, it becomes a reverse continuation..

  4. It's beautiful. I'm glad you decided not to rip anything out - that's too painful to contemplate!

  5. Oh, she looks perfect! I agree with Lorraine - it looks great the way it is.

    I'm the same way though... I would angst over a detail before going back to the original design instruction...*sigh*

  6. Gosh Anne. If you are agonizing over it that much, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. :-)

  7. Anne,
    I think Erin looks fantastic. I don't think the Celtic knot is a problem at all. Seriously, no one will notice that it isn't a mirror image and I really think it looks great as is. What a beautiful accomplishment. I am looking forward to seeing it finished. :0) Sharon

  8. Beautiful just beautiful.


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