Erin Neckline

Thank you for all of the comments encouraging me along and telling me not to worry about the Erin shoulder line -- things like this sometimes put me in a "tizzy" -- that's when you can't get going because you're sort of turning around in circles? That's what happens sometimes with my knitting, something bothers me, and instead of doing something about it, I get in a "tizzy" LOL!

In the rest of my life I over compensate by being VERY decisive -- but we won't get into that here!

So I decided to get on with the neckline -- You really can't see the shape of your neckline until you cut open the front and back neckline steeks -- but when you do cut them, your sweater suddenly starts to look like a sweater -- and you're ready to pick up stitches around the neckline for the neckline band.

I learned in a class that I took on finishing that you MUST take great care to ensure that your neckline is perfect -- watch the line you pick up on, don't deviate out of that line, and pick up EVERY STITCH THAT YOU CAN!

Following this rule, I proceeded to pick up my neckline stitches.......

I picked them up between the edge stitch and the body stitches -- so on a neckline the shaping butts right up against the neckline edge. I pick up a stitch for every row, and a stitch in any area (between the steek and the body perhaps) that looks loose, and of course kit up the stitches that are left "live" on the front and back neck openings. Doing this, I picked up 173 stitches. The pattern calls for 152 neckline stitches. So, I have to decrease 21 stitches before proceeding with my corrugated ribbing.

I really like the look of one garter stitch row where the neckline meets the body -- so in this case as I'm knitting back and forth -- I picked up the stitches from the right side (a knit row) and must also knit back to give me my garter stitch row right? Having done my calculations, I proceed to knit back on this row, doing 21 decreases evenly so that I have 152 neckline stitches.

I think it came out rather well.....

Oh, did I mention that Daisy likes it too? Do you think she wants a sweater to match? What a Diva! Happy Father's Day -- spoil the father figure in your life today!


  1. Hi Anne- I would say that the picked up neckline stitches were very successful- but then I expect no less!
    You're right, you sort of have to go with it, and it's wonderful when things work out the first time!
    And yes, that would be a first, matching Anne and Daisy sweaters.

  2. Erin is looking just gorgeous! Of course, Daisy needs to look just as lovely!

  3. That's a great neckline! The more I see of Erin, the more I like!!!

    (And how cute would that be to have a matching sweater for Daisy!)

  4. Thanks for the great pics and explanation of Erin's neckline - this is really going to help when I finally get to the neck of my Fearless Fair Isle.

  5. Thanks for all your Erin pictures and advice on the buttonband and neckline. I did a sweater once and did the purl row thing too. I really liked the look of it. It was suggested in the book, "Knitting In Plain English" by Maggie somebody. I'm not at home this week so I can't give you her last name. She ia a great advocate of knitting in the round. She said that doing the purl row really gives the neck edge a clean look.


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