Dog Days of Summer

Yes, it's officially Summer! While some of us get to take Summer Siesta power naps....... Some of us don't -- we spend out time knitting - seems perfectly sane to me! I'm glad to see that Daisy keeps some yarn close to her at all times -- at least I've taught her that!

I've been doing the button bands on Erin -- and they came out spectacularly well (if I do say so myself)! I have to encourage myself here, because button bands are another of my contentious issues with fair isle knitting (another one you say? Well yes, I do have pretty strong opinions when it comes to fair isle knitting - in case you haven't noticed) LOL!

This time I did what the designer asked me to -- I picked up the outside leg of the edge stitch V, or \ / as it looks like when it's in with all of the other stitches. I knit into this leg, and picked up stitches right up the front. Because I hadn't followed the pattern exactly (as usual) and didn't have the same amount of rows that I should have, I ignored the specified number of stitches to be picked up and just did it by feel -- turns out I picked up about 8-9% less stitches than rows up the front. This gave me a nice firm slightly pulling in button band that with pressing, stretched out, lay down flat and cooperated fully -- I know this button band won't stretch and sag. I did both button bands this way -- without cutting open the steek. I like doing it this way -- it gives the sweater more "body" while I'm fiddling with the button bands. I calculated where to place the button holes, and now that the bands are done, the ends sewn in, I can cut the centre front steek open, sew on the buttons, and try the body on...

..All the better to measure how long the sleeves need to be!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Wow! I didn't even think of leaving the front steek in place while doing the button bands.

    What a wonderful idea that makes such sense - I'll utilize that along with your advice on the neckband when I finally arrive at that point (which may be sometime next year at the rate I'm crawling along). Thanks!

  2. Hey Anne- It looks amazing, what a neat job you did. And not cutting the steek makes it easier to handle.
    I haven't forgotten the magic date- August 6- I aim to be ready!

  3. WOW Anne - I am learning so much from Erin! I keep writing down the dates and the corresponding "lesson" in my notebook... You should really post these latest how-to's on your Fair Isle 101 pages on She Ewe Knits. I would never have thought of leaving the steeks in place either, it would make a lot more sense.

  4. Oh, and Anne? Any chance I can see what the base of the button band looks like (at the bottom)? I'm always struggling to get that to lie flat and meet up nicely with the bottom edge.

    Your enthralled pupil, Brigitte.

  5. Who'd a thunk it? Leaving the steek closed for picking up the button bands. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing that, Anne.

  6. I love the tip about picking up the stitches before the steek is cut. I would have never thought of that in a gazillion years! Thanks!

  7. Erin is one of my favorites but yours looks twice as good - wow are those colors gorgeous! I just knew you could do the bands while it was still steeked, always wondered why it said to cut it first, it's just neater that way. All kinds of ideas now.... It's really gorgeous Anne!

  8. As my pre-teens would say: "coolio!" Did you put the colorway together yourself?


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