Dirty Daisy

Daisy, my wonderful Westie, has one major bad habit -- it's so bad, that I have to think twice.......about letting her run around our yard.

While planting in my front door urns, I let Daisy wander about -- and she was quite content to stay with me -- for about 10 seconds -- then it was off to explore. I don't worry, because our yard is Daisy proof (hopefully) and she hasn't escaped this year (yet).

When I finished with the urns, I went to find the missing Daisy. Through the house, out the back door (always go the easiest way) -- and I see her in the back flower bed -- I open the door and give her a call, in she comes (she's so good right?).

You're probably wondering what's the problem -- after all, she comes when she's called. But she also rolls in just about any kind of muck she can find. I think this might have been raccoon muck -- it sure smelt awful! It was all around her mouth and down her neck and chest. And then she thinks she should just come in, get a cookie, and run all over the house rubbing herself on everything. I gather this is a dog thing and we humans just can't relate to it! So, there was no other alternative -- except the bath thing. Daisy fits in the laundry tub, so there is no problem there.

She also likes to shake, like all dogs, when she's wet.

I've never been able to catch this before in a photograph -- you can see that while her head is going one way, her body is going in the opposite direction. It's probably some scientific thing like centrifugal force or something -- that's why they are able to shake and cover the whole laundry room! But she does like her bath -- even though she doesn't get one very often as she manages to stay quite clean with regular brushing and toweling when she comes in.......

But with a face like this, who can complain!

Erin Update -- I'm joining the shoulders tonight and will have some update photos tomorrow - promise!

Happy Knitting!


  1. OK, now that is adorable!!! It's amazing what they'll find to get into, isn't it.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Erin up to the shoulders. Do you 3-needle or graft your shoulders?

  2. Hey Anne- It might be a terrier thing- though our Dachsund used to roll in cow manure!
    Such are the perils of having a white dog, and keeping her white. At least she's easy to bath- love the action shot of shaking off the water.

  3. Great action photo there! Daisy is definitely adorable - and at least it wasn't skunk!

    Can't wait to see Erin.

  4. You definitely have a terrier there - they love the hunt and chase (we have a Skye terrier) although the rolling around in muck is so much a dog thing. We had a Borzoi, who after having a bath for a dog show, chose to run to the farmer's field next to us and rolled around in the freshly sprayed cow manure. It was so nasty! Dogs just love the smell.

  5. Daisy is the cutest little thing. How can you get upset with a cute face like that??

  6. Daisy is absolutely gorgeous! I have a border terrier, Maggie and a jack russel terrier, Sparky. The terrier is a lovable breed, who would be without them.


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