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Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball

I seem to have this love hate relationship going with Oprah.

Sometimes I watch her show and think that she's gone way over the top with her power, she's pompous and full of herself.....then there are times when I just feel it so deeply, like tonight


She admitted it -- giving everyone diamond earrings was over the top, but why not!

What a spectacular way to acknowledge those who came before you, who led the way, who inspired you, and who opened the doors.

The poem that was written and spoken by the "young uns" as she called them, in honour of the Legends, was so moving, and definitely deserved to be repeated at the Black/White ball.

The only thing I have to say to the negative is, surely you could have done without Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes!

Diane Sawyer said that it was one of the most spiritually moving events she'd ever been at -- I was watching it on TV, a year after the fact, and I was moved -- the luncheon, an elegant black/white ball, and then a Sunday afternoon on the lawn -- and the singing -- makes me want to go to a Baptist Church!

You couldn't help but be inspired.......


  1. Hi Anne- It's probably best to concentrate on the good things she does- I just think she likes to exploit people for the good of her show-
    I've been getting annoyed at Dr. Phil lately....

  2. ...uh, I second the "being annoyed at Dr. Phil" (watching him after work is my guilty pleasure).

  3. Ican't believe we sat together all afternoon and Oprah's name never came up. I tell people she is God(a woman and black). But I must say that Tyra Banks, who is on at the same time is giving her a run for her money. I have to say that I felt a bit disloyal the first time I watched Tyra, but check her out.


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