We're having a heat wave!

Remember the song? We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave! (I think you have to have a fruit basket on your head, and be wearing a sarong while you sing this for the full effect!)

Well, it's been quite the change in climate here -- last week I was freezing, wearing a jacket, and wondering where the good weather was! Yesterday and today, it's in the 30's (Celsius), so for those of us who are still in Fahrenheit mode, that's the high 90's!!!!

And of course, my air conditioning isn't working....well, it's working, it's just not cooling anything! (a moot point)

So, last night, Daisy and I "escaped" to the basement, to the "yarn studio" as I call it in my more creative moments. Lorraine posted a photo of where she knits, and dared others to follow suit.....so here goes. This is what it looked like BEFORE I tidied up. Well, it doesn't look much better now that it's been tidied LOL!

When Daisy wants to get to her favourite spot, she'll sit and bark until I clear out a path for her!

I have other knitting spots -- far too many as far as DH is concerned. He says my knitting is taking over the house (and not necessarily in a good way LOL).

How embarrassing!


  1. Hey Anne- That's a knitter's dream couch- and btw- what's the ratio of knitting real estate to train real estate- ask your DH THAT!

  2. Your knitting is taking over the house? Why, I'm shocked! I'm glad to see that Daisy has you well-trained.

  3. What? What's wrong with knitting taking over the house?! I've given up trying to fight those little skeins as they muscle their way into pretty much every room in my apartment!

    (Not liking heat...I'm so NOT a summer person...)

  4. It looks perfect. Nice and comfy and with a place to put your feet and measure your knitting.

    Taking over the house? You mean it hasn't already?


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