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It's been a few days since I last visited "Shades of Shetland" -- and I have a few updates on previous posts.....

"To Guild or Not to Guild" update - congratulate me -- I'm the "Newsletter Editor" for the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Guild -- wish me luck is perhaps better. I've not been that great at deadlines since I "retired" from the corporate world - this might get me back on track.

"My Other Guild" update - I didn't report on Lily Chin's presentation. Lily is always entertaining - so full of energy. This photo was taken from our usual vantage point in the Toronto Y meeting room. (Lorraine, Brigitte and I sat together -- with a row of rowdy knitters behind us (I won't name them unless I have to!). Above, you see Lily making a point, her presentation behind her, and a selection of her sweaters for us all to look at, touch and fondle! The abbreviated Coles Notes of her presentation (to me) - inspiration is all around us (even in this meeting room which she ably demonstrated), and the more knitting techniques you know, the more options you have in translating your inspiration into your knitting (fair isle, aran, intarsia, modular knitting, entrelac, etc.).

OFIC - Gerda Update

I finished the 2nd sleeve! The SSS curse is broken! I did this second sleeve, painstakingly weaving in the new yarns, and weaving out the old yarns. Sometimes I had to tink back to get the required number of stitches for weaving. (I like to have at least 10 stitches to "weave" the yarns in and out.) But, as you can see, doing this gives you a nice underarm seam without all the tweaking and end finishing that I had to do on the first sleeve.

Gerda is finished, and I've washed it in Eucalan and it's drying right now!I can't wait to wear this sweater -- I made it a little shorter than I usually do, shorter than the pattern called for -- so that it sits just above the widest part of my hips -- hopefully it will be a flattering length - no comments on this please LOL!

For all those Harry Potter fans out there -- don't forget that you can enjoy the magical world in many ways...... Yes, it was my birthday earlier this week -- DH got me this great Harry Potter birthday cake -- it has Harry on his broom, just about to catch the Golden Snitch (too bad you can't see the Snitch in this photo -- It's behind the Quiddich Stadium column). The funny thing about it is that Harry actually comes off the cake -- you can wind him up and he rolls along the floor trying to catch the Snitch -- well, he tries, but Daisy tries to bite him -- must be the icing!

What's next you ask? Well, if I can, I want to finish my "Nova Scotia Thistle Vest" - an original design of mine inspired by a trip to Nova Scotia in 2005 -- it's in the dreaded final finishing stage, and I have to figure out how to close the front of the vest -- and if I can get it done by next Tuesday -- I'm going to put it into the K-W Guild Adjudicated Show -- so it has to be finished, washed, and blocked, ready to be delivered at the next meeting -- can I do it? Who knows!


  1. Hi Anne- Love your cake, and if you are not too preoccupied playing with Harry, you may just finish the Thistle vest.

  2. Anne, I'm so glad to see an update! Hey, happy belated birthday!

    Gerda is lovely! *Sigh* I hope my arms turn out as nicely. Your online tutorial is so helpful - I knew there had to be a better way than spending days weaving in ends...

    The Fulmar swatch worked out perfectly... a wee bit short, but nothing I'm going to worry about. Talk to you soon!


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