Stitch Markers anyone????

Little did I know that the stitch markers that I had Vall make up for me would be so popular!

First, there was Lorraine who just had to have some just like mine!!!!

Now I'm "consulting" on stitch markers for another project. What do you think? I think they look lovely -- and they match the yarn perfectly. (Of course, I am biased LOL!)

I do think that little touches like this really make the whole experience special!

OFIC - Erin Update

After major brain work (which isn't easy let me assure you) I've decided to do Erin EXACTLY as written -- no alteration at all -- well, maybe one little alteration at the shoulder, but we'll talk about that when I get there!

Erin is designed with the traditional drop shoulder - and I had considered making a shaped arm hole. After trying on all of my sweaters, ones with shaped underarms, and ones without -- I decided that for a cardigan like this, it didn't seem to matter much (for me) - this might be different for you -- so I just did exactly as instructed, worked to the underarm stitch, placed it on a holder, cast on my steek and edge stitches, and am now working up to the shoulders.

As mentioned above, I will be making one little alteration at the shoulder -- Lorraine knows how annoying I can be about shoulders - right Lorraine? When I get there, I'll explain what I did and WHY!


  1. OOhhhhh.. I like though marckers... ok Im totally bias on that one lol,

    So your leaving the armholes eh? ..... after all your thinking... lol.. but what I want to know is... wheres the latest picture????

    cheers, Vall

  2. Well, let's just say that everyone is entitled to theit bugaboos and that just happens to be yours. Not really too bad in the schemen of things- we can work around it.

  3. Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  4. Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.


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