Shetland Encounter

While googling around, I came across this fellow blogger -- Wendy in Shetland!

Turns out she is the amazing person who creates Burra Bears! Little bears made out of recycled Fair Isle sweaters. She uses old sweaters, or waste bits from the Shetland knitwear factories. Fabulous Idea!

She sent me a link to the "Shetland Arts & Crafts" web site -- click on through and take a virtual shopping trip in Shetland, browse to your hearts content. (Burra Bears are on the "Home and Gifts" page.)

Every blog entry deserves a photo.....

a shot taken of the Shetland coastline -- you can almost feel the salt spray on your face!


  1. Hey Anne- Trust you to find Wendy's blog! Who knew???
    And one day, I will feel that salt air- it looks incredible.

  2. Eeeee! Another FI blog! Thanks Anne! We're going to soon take over the world!! (Oh right, I need a blog too...soon).



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