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Oprah last Thursday showed how Crayola crayons were made -- and Crayola very nicely made her a whole box (a large 64 crayon box) of "a color purple" purple crayons -- specially made just for her! (They had asked her what her favourite colour was, and she had replied that there was no other colour than "the color purple".) Well, after she's got the purple crayons in her hands, she then says that her absolute favourite colour is green, young grass green to be exact! Well, the Crayola lady - you should have seen her face -- they ask the big O, she tells them what colour she likes, they custom make the shade she said was her favourite shade, and then on air, she tells them that she likes GREEN!

I really like Oprah -- she does some amazing things and has opened my eyes to a lot of what goes on in the world. But, I think that woman had better realize that the world doesn't revolve around what she likes -- watching her show lately has made me think that maybe she's taking herself a little too seriously these days -- WAKE UP WOMAN!

Enough, I've had my own colour realization lately.


From Yellow Tulips in the Springtime.....when I see these tulips come up each year, I know that Spring is here and I feel great!

then there are those other yellow "flowers" that show up in the Spring! One I love, the other I try to eliminate! Go figure!

I've learned the I can't wear a lot of yellow, unless I want to look like Big Bird! But, I have learned how to bring a little more yellow into my life!There is no way I would ever have driven a yellow car when I was younger! Too conspicuous, to obvious, too embarrassing! I guess when you reach your 50's you don't care any more! I can't tell you how happy I am tooling around in my little yellow car! Daisy loves it and rides with me most of the time!

Colour affects our mood, and we are attracted to the colours that make us feel happy, comforted, enervated, whatever.

Lately my knitting has been focused on knitting up garments out of the Jamieson's books for display at the one or two retail fairs I do each year. I love fair isle knitting, and I'm happy to knit up these sweaters -- but there is still that little nag that I'm knitting them because I have to, and not because I want to.

The shades used in these sweaters are lovely, and it's fabulous to see how the motifs grow. Gerda, which I have just finished, was one of these sweaters -- and it was a great knit. The shades used in Gerda were lovely and I can see myself wearing this sweater -- I'll model it (hopefully soon) on a day when everything comes together -- you know what I mean!

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to try to finish my Nova Scotia Thistle vest in the next few days to be able to put it in the K-W Guild show on Tuesday night -- NOPE -- it's not ready and I don't want to be rushed..........

So, I decided that I needed a project for this summer to recharge my knitting batteries, a sweater that I've always wanted to knit, that uses many many shades that you'd never think of putting together in one sweater, and that doesn't have to be knit for any other reason than I want to knit it -- JUST FOR ME!

Look familiar? Any guesses?

Happy Knitting!


  1. Hi Anne- You don't need alot of scientific studies to show that colour affects our moods and feelings- yellow is a happy colour.
    And I'll have to take you to task about not observing the Hammy Rules- Full Disclosure!! I'm curious to know what that sweater is- and you should knit to make yourself happy- the colours are beautiful!

  2. Yeah . . . that's why I don't watch Oprah anymore. Stopped watching her over 5 years ago, to be exact. I didn't like the direction her show was going towards.

  3. I was discussing the "colour" subject with a friend of mine last week. I noticed that whenever I work in dark blues/purple, I actually get tired, regardless of the time of day (one of the reason's St. Brigid took a bit longer to make)! Not that I would stop working with them, I'm just more conscious of this fact when I decide on the complexity. Just a weird Brigitte thingy...

  4. Oh, by the way! Are you knitting your very own Windsor Waistcoat?!

  5. I think you're knitting Morning Glory!


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