Erin Update....

Last night I finished the first motif of Erin -- the large Celtic dog motif that is repeated 3 times on the body of the sweater -- here it is.....

Yes, that's Daisy's little foot showing at the top left-- she thinks that every time the camera comes out, she should be in the picture!

You can see that the stitch markers I'm using match the project perfectly, (I love it when that happens!) and it IS inspiring me to finish each round. Thank you Vall!I've got a few days of uncluttered time coming up, so I'm hoping to make some major progress on Erin -- and I'll post regularly to keep myself on track.

Also, I'll be doing some serious movie last night, I watched Nanny McPhee. This was a cute movie - with a cast that you will recognize - Emma Thompson as the Nanny herself (and she wrote the screen play adapted from "Nurse Matilda" books). I didn't realize that she had written the screen play for "Sense & Sensibility" too!

Colin Firth as the widowed father, "Mr. Brown" forced to marry to save his monthly allowance from;

Aunt Adelaide, played by Angela Lansbury.

Thomas Sangster plays the oldest of the unruly Brown children -- he was the young fellow that was in "Love Actually";

Then there was Celia Imrie, the obnoxious widow that Mr. Brown has to marry -- she's the one who needed bigger buns in "Calendar Girls";

and Kelly Macdonald plays the house maid who is secretly in love with Mr. Brown -- she also played played the Scottish maid in "Gosford Park" (one of my favourite movies) -- but this time she got her man in the end!

Like a cartoon come to life with the bright colours in house decor and clothing, and over the top acting, all in high contrast with the British stiff upper lip subtlty. I enjoyed it.

Forever Erin Onward! (my Mantra until Erin is complete)


  1. Those are such *beautiful* colors! Wow... Love the combinations, they're so cheery! Are you going to be a the DKC tomorrow night?! I hope so!

  2. It's beautiful. Can't wait to see how it develops.

  3. Hi Anne- the colors look very true to the original Rowan in the book, another success, how do you live with yourself?
    I think I'll rent Nanny McPhee- anything that has Emma Thompson is good, and some movies that are geared for children are better than the adult ones.

  4. That Erin looks amazing.

    I'd forgotten about Nanny McPhee! Must watch my Netflix stuff so I can get that one.

  5. Beautiful! I love the colors and your work looks great! Can't wait to see the progress.


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