Complaints Department?

So Sorry! (well, not really)

Brigitte thinks I may be knitting "Windsor Waistcoat" -- WRONG AGAIN!

You're right Brigitte, Windsor Waistcoat would suit me perfectly, but why would I be knitting Windsor Waistcoat when I have one to wear, it fits me perfectly and I didn't have to knit it! This photo was taken when I was in my "strong studious woman glasses"phase -- I've moved on to lighter frames!

Lorraine knit this one for her DH, but somehow it seems to reside at my house more than at hers....well, what can you do.

Happily knitting away on ?????????


  1. OK. Last try. I want the sheepie thing.

    "Henry VIII" from Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses.

    (Should I be concerned for myself that I sat through my staff meeting this morning, mentally going through my Starmore books thinking which design it could be - and I COULD PICTURE and NAME ALMOST ALL OF THEM?!)

  2. Yes, Brigitte, some people are very cruel, aren't they?
    But you have to admit, WW does really suit Anne, doesn't it?

  3. It does! Great colour combinations. Have you been able to try it on?! ;)

  4. Putting in my two cents worth here - is it 'Firebirds' from the 'Out of the Blue' collection?

    Or is that just my desire to make that one for myself?


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