And the Winner Is.....drum roll

Thank you all for your guesses, and thanks especially to Lorraine who is still complaining about how cruel I am -- remember Lorraine, the Complaints Department is closed - permanently! LOL!

But Vanessa from Florida guessed it -- yes, it's Erin from the Celtic Collection book. Vanessa's "sheepy thing" will be on it's way to her tomorrow -- let us know when you get it Vanessa! I'm not going to say what it is, until Vanessa gets it -- I want it to be a surprise for her.

Erin is a totally radical fair isle -- originally done in Rowan yarns (discontinued yarns and shades from long ago) -- so I got out my old Rowan shade cards and converted it to Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift shades -- there are absolutely gorgeous shades in this design and I've always wanted to knit it.

My original photo of this showed my knitting with little yellow elastic bands as markers -- but I had to have special markers for this fabulous design, to help keep me focused and on the knit -- so here they are...... Vall from Chivalry Beads whipped them up for me. They are gorgeous Swarovski crystals, and beautiful little pewter looking Celtic cabley thingies (very technical description) -- the Celtic cabley thingies look very similar to one of the motifs in the sweater -- so that just clinched it for me -- I'll get a charge every time I flip one of these markers from the left to the right needle.

So I'm off to put the markers in my knitting, and I'll take an update photo when the first big motif is finished -- it's a large Celtic Dog? motif - one shade is used in the background throughout, and the pattern is done in 4 luscious shades -- can't wait to finish it!


  1. Hi Anne- I can see I'm going to have to get Vall of Beadingham to make me some of those gorgeous markers! Can't wait to see the sweater, looks amazing- one of the perks of being a yarn retailer, eh?

  2. whoohoo! thanks :-) i'll let you know as soon as my surprise gets here!


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