6 Degrees of Separation

Well, instead of watching movies, I've been watching the final episodes of TV shows that I haven't watched regularly -- go figure! Last night it was the Will & Grace final show ever, at the same time as the season ending show of CSI was on. What's a girl to do when her hands are fully occupied with her two-handed fair isle project? Well, you tape one and watch the other. But when a commercial break happens during the one you are watching, you flip over to the other to see whats going on over there. It makes for a fairly nerve wrecking time, but I did manage to get some knitting done.

Here's Erin -- I've finished one repeat of all of the charts. There are a few shades in this design that are strictly used as accents on lines in the two checkerboard patterns. I can see that they add to the design -- they aren't obvious, but they do add to the overall don't you think? (I bet you can't really see them in this photo right?) While watching Will & Grace during the commercials of CSI (I have yet to watch the taped version), I saw that Kevin Bacon was again on the show as Jack's imaginary love interest. He (Kevin) actually referred to the 6 degrees of separation game that was around for a while. Have you heard of it? Everyone on the earth is only separated by 6 steps -- so therefore you should be only 6 friends/acquaintances away from Kevin Bacon. I thought this was crazy until one day at my former day job, one of the ladies mentioned that her cousin was an aspiring actor in Hollywood -- she was going to visit him! So, I knew her, she knew her cousin, he knew Keiffer Sutherland, who knew Kevin Bacon! 5 degrees of separation between moi and famous Kevin -- now it's only 4 degrees of separation between me and Keiffer - imagine that! Small world......


  1. Hi Anne- The sweater is spectacular- what more can I say?
    Are we aiming to have it ready for KW in September?
    I'm trying to think, who is more pinchable- Kevin or Kiefer- I think I'll go with Kiefer- LOL!

  2. Love it! I think I'm with Lorraine - Kiefer all the way!


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