Mutiny in the Family!

Well, needless to say, other members of the family are miffed that the "white tornado" hit the blog before them. So...... here's Caelee, the real boss of the household. Others might think they are the boss.....she KNOWS she's the boss !

And last, but not least, here's my DH......and this photo introduces my passion - fair isle knitting.

The sweater he's wearing is a sweater we purchased in Shetland, at a little shop called "Shetland Collection" which is the first sweater shop you pass when driving out of Sumburgh airport. This sweater is knit in the round, in yarn that was hand spun from local Shetland sheep - all natural shades - it's gorgeous isn't it? DH thought he had enough sweaters, but he had to have this one -- you should feel it, it is sooooo soft!


  1. Anne- You are too much! Congratulations on the new blog- I'm so looking forward to reading about what you're up to- and seeing pictures of Daisy and the elusive Caelee- Alan looks fab-what fun!

  2. welcome to blogland (isn't it fun!)...
    What a beautiful Fair Isle, hope to see your own Fair Isles here too.

    I followed the link from lorraine the knitting hammy's site.

  3. Hi! Found you through Lorraine's blog. Yay - another fair isle knitter to live out my fair isle fantasies for me! :)

  4. Gorgeous sweaters! Nice looking family too.That dog is so sweet looking! Look at that face! I came from Lorraine's blog via Stephanie's blog.


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