Day 2 - Thursday July 20

Thursday started out with the usual breakfast at Busta House -- Have I told you about Breakfast at the Busta House.... I haven't? Well......

As you walk into the dining room, there is a sideboard set up with glasses and juice, cold cereals and milk, fruit and yogurt; a bowl of fresh fruit, and a bowl of dried fruit.

A friendly person usually catches your coffee/tea order while you are on your way to your table. Will that be white toast or brown?

Your hot drink of choice arrives, with your toast. (It's served quickly in one of those silver toast racks that helps it to cool just as quick!)

This is where the fun starts.........eggs, any style; tomato, mushrooms, bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried bread; or there's the traditional Scottish porridge (not too lumpy), kippers, or smoked salmon! Don't ask me why I didn't take a photo of breakfast -- it might be because I was too busy eating - sorry!

This morning, we start off with a Workshop in the Long Room at Busta House.

The subject of this workshop was a felted basket/bowl, with a moebius handle. Karen of Needlework Unlimited in Minneapolis led the workshop -- it was daunting -- it was mind bending -- but we all managed it in the end. Here's a photo of Terry and I at this first workshop morning -- taken by Louise of Uncommon Threads in Los Altos, California.

Thanks Karen for the Workshop, thanks Louise for taking the photo!

After the workshop, we all jumped in the bus, and off to Lerwick we went. The main purpose of the trip to Lerwick was to visit the Jamieson's Shop and pick yarn to finish our Moebius basket project. We were encouraged to stagger our visits to the yarn shop as to not overwhelm them -- no problem there -- the main shopping street of Lerwick is full of fabulous stuff to buy -- knitwear (Ninians, Spider's Web), Shetland specialities -- Shetland Soap, Shetland Fudge, jewelry shops, and Charity second-hand shops -- quite an interesting variety and something for everyone! A cruise ship was in town, so there were lots of (other) tourists about -- but the Shetland Escape group managed to cut a wide path through Lerwick, leaving not a store unscathed.

Did I mentioned that each of us had coupons to spend at the Jamieson's store? I didn't, well, we did......or we could wait and spend them at the Jamieson's Mill later in the week......but frankly, they were burning a hole in our pockets, and I'm pretty sure all of us spent them all today.........I was really envious of the two ladies on the trip who had their non-knitting spouses with them -- the spouses got some coupons too -- darn, I didn't think of that! LOL!

Yes, even though I have a basement FULL of lovely Jamieson's Shetland yarns, I still bought more -- I couldn't help myself!

While reliving my trip through these blog reports, I'm realizing all of the great photo ops I in my shopping frenzy, I've never taken a photo of the Lerwick main street -- it's a nice narrow street, cobbled, and very photogenic. Here's a photo from a web cam that I think is probably on the Shetland Tourism Office right down by Market Cross. It's on the Visit Shetland web site.Oh well, I'll just have to get these photos on my next trip.


  1. So did you do the kippers for breakfast? (it's one of my husband's favorites when he's at his parent's house)

    Don't regret the photos not taken - you were too busy having a good time!

    Can't wait for day 3...

  2. Hi Anne- Wow, how many times have I wished I could shop in Lerwick-? I'm glad you did.
    So, ah, how was the Shetland Fudge?

  3. Oooo, I think I would have passed out...

    So, did you bring back any fudge??

    And hey, what's that I spied in the Fall IK?!!!

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